• Medical care the way it was meant to be

  • First concierge practice in Virginia since 2002

  • Enrollment limited to 600 patients per doctor

  • On-Time Visits - our waiting room is empty

  • Quiet, private, professional environment

  • Same day appointments and telephone care

  • Annual comprehensive examination

  • Pro-active, preventative healthcare

  • We educate our patients about their health

  • Adequate time with your doctor

  • One-on-one relationship

  • Your advocate in the healthcare system

  • Long-term relationships with our patients

  • Dedicated to the best medical care

  • What’s in a name? Concierge Medicine, Retainer Practice, Boutique Medicine? They all mean the same thing. Physicians providing quality care in an unhurried environment. It removes the barriers put in place by insurance companies and allows the doctor and the patient to work one on one without interference.

    How will you navigate the rapidly changing world of healthcare? Does a personal relationship with your physician really matter? Does it make a difference?

    We know it does.

  •  On time appointments.
     Same day emergency appointments.
     Telephone care when appropriate.
     No co-pays or additional fees outside of your monthly fee.
     Comprehensive primary care by a Board Certified Internist.
     Lab services and flu shots at no additional charge.
     One of our physicians is on call 24 hours a day.
     Covered by most FSA and HSA accounts.
  • How can you get started? It's easy.

    The next step to finding out how you can have a personal relationship with your Primary Care Physician is to call our office at 757-623-6624 or click on the Contact tab.

    It's that easy. The next step is up to you.

We believe you deserve a personal relationship with your physician.

  • Not a 7 minute office visit Not a 20 minute annual physical.
  • Not a mandatory visit to the office just to get a prescription refilled.
  • Not a physician extender, a Board Certified Physician.
  • A doctor who knows your health and family history.
  • Same Day Office Visits.

You may be wondering if a personal relationship with your physician really does matter. We are your advocates in the rapidly changing world of healthcare. We can get you through the system and keep you safe to insure that you have the best specialists and care available whether you are in town or traveling.

If you find yourself in an Emergency Room situation your physician will personally contact the ER to let them know you are headed their way, provide them with your background and medical history including a list of all your medications and fax all records to them. If you are admitted we will communicate with the physician taking care of you until you are discharged.

If you are hospitalized at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital we will follow you socially and communicate with your hospital physicians. If you are out of town and need to be hospitalized or hospitalized at a facility we do not service we will coordinate care with the hospital team insuring your continued quality care. You take care of your business, you take care of your family, isn’t it time you took the same care of your health?

Does it make a difference. We know it does.