In June 2002 we became the first concierge practice in Virginia.

We are committed to providing exceptional medical care in an unhurried office with a happy, helpful staff. Our goal is to make your experience pleasant and stress free.

We are physicians who are committed to one on one patient care and a long term relationship. We are interested in spending time with our patients to make the correct diagnosis and together form a plan for a healthy and balanced life.

We limit our physicians to 600 patients so that we can give you the time you deserve. We see you when you need to be seen and follow up with regular visits to insure your ongoing good health.

We have kept our rates reasonable. For patients under 21 years of age the monthly rate is $66.00 per month, Ages 22-35 the monthly rate is $88.00 per month and over the age of 36 the monthly rate is $124.00 per month.

Medicine has changed drastically in the past 10 years. Insurance is more expensive and more restrictive. Doctors are busier and physician

About EIM - Executive Internal Medicineextenders, nurse practitioners and physicians' assistants are being hired to alleviate the burden. Patients are caught in the middle.

We do not use physician extenders and you will always see a Board Certified Internist. We work in a calm and unhurried environment. Our patients are happy, our staff is happy and we are happy.

This is our way of providing the best possible care for our patients.